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Indiana Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Teachers in Indiana:

  • Kylee

    In-Home Studio


    Flute, Saxophone, Saxophone

    I believe that fundamentals are the most important thing to work on as a musician. From there, if your technique and sound is great, then that will transfer to what you work on. I believe in... [more]

  • Indianapolis, IN

    Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute


  • Samuel

    In-Home Online

    Marion, IN

    Violin, Piano, Viola, Saxophone

    Every student needs some basic theory and technique that will lead the to start practicing pieces according to their... [more]

  • Joseph


    Martinsville, IN

    Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Voice

    I teach each student as if they will make music a career. I ensure that they have successful musical experiences early on and that they have properly functioning... [more]